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Andrew Fuller & His Friends

The audio is now available from the 6th Andrew Fuller Conference, “Andrew Fuller & His Friends.” Here is what the conference was all about:

It is not every Baptist theologian who has a movement named after him, but Andrew Fuller was so important a theologian that historians of the church actually talk about a perspective called “Fullerism.” Fuller’s views, though, were not the product of simply his own theological reflection, but were formulated by him in dialogue with a close circle of friends and subsequent joint action with these friends, especially in missionary endeavors. This year The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is thrilled to devote its annual conference to thinking about Fuller’s friends: their lives and ministries and how they shaped and were shaped by Fuller, whom later generations called “the elephant of Kettering”-a reference to his weighty theological influence. Come and join us this September as we spend time and energy in thinking about a past Christian thinker and his circle of friends whose influence for good and for the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus has been enormous.

And here are the audios:

Plenary Session 1: Nathan Finn “Robert Hall, Sr.: Andrew Fuller’s Mentor” (MP3)

Plenary Session 2: Grant Gordon “John Ryland, Jr.: Andrew Fuller’s Biographer” (MP3)

Plenary Session 3: Peter Morden “Recording a Friendship: Andrew Fuller and his Memoir of Samuel Pearce” (MP3)

Parallel Sessions

Dustin Benge “When a Friend Dies:  A Funeral Sermon for Andrew Fuller by Joseph Ivimey” (MP3)
Jason Duesing “Breaking the Strong Attachment to Home and Country:  The Influence of a Friend of Fuller’s Friends on Adoniram Judson” (MP3)
Roger Duke “A Rhetorical Reading of Andrew Fuller’s Sermon, ‘The Nature and Importance of an Intimate Knowledge of Divine Truth’” (MP3)
Chris Holmes “‘Not the Exact Model of an Orator’:  J. W. Morris’s Assessment of Andrew Fuller’s Preaching Ministry” (MP3)
David Pitman “Fuller’s Forgotten Friends:  A Sketch of Andrew Fuller’s Non-ministerial Friends” (MP3)
Dave Schrock “James Haldane and the Particular Efficacy of Global Missions” (MP3)
Jeff Straub “William Button:  Fuller’s Publisher” (MP3)

Plenary Session 4: Kirk Wellum “Caleb Evans, Andrew Fuller, and theological education” (MP3)

Plenary Session 5: Peter Beck “Trans-Atlantic friendships: Andrew Fuller and the New Divinity Men” (MP3)

Plenary Session 6: Ryan West “Promoting Baptist Missions: The Print Ministry of Andrew Fuller and William Ward” (MP3)

Plenary Session 7: Sam Masters “ ‘Holding the ropes’: Andrew Fuller and William Carey” (MP3)

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