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You Saw It On Credo: Baptism, Scripture, and God’s Sovereignty in Suffering

This may serve as perhaps an eclectic selection of videos, but they are all noteworthy nonetheless. First, is a fascinating interplay between John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul regarding the doctrine of baptism. Here you can listen to two fine representatives of the credobaptist and paedobaptist positions and see how they interact with Scripture (just to note, I think MacArthur’s credobaptism offers the more compelling biblical case.

Next, a video from Dr. Ardel Caneday, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Studies at Northwestern College. Caneday gives a fascinating talk regarding the doctrines of God and Scripture, which is well worth watching.

Finally, on a different note is a video by the musical group Shane and Shane. Their recent song “Though You Slay Me” is a remarkably powerful song lyrically based on the book of Job. In this version of the song they also include an audio clip from John Piper concerning God’s sovereignty in the midst of suffering. This was one of the most viewed videos for Desiring God in 2013, and resounds with a crucial message.

Jeremy Kimble (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Cedarville University. He is an editor for Credo Magazine as well as the author of That His Spirit May Be Saved: Church Discipline as a Means to Repentance and Perseverance and numerous book reviews. He is married to Rachel and has two children, Hannah and Jonathan.

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