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Credo’s Cache

Each week we will be highlighting important resources. Check back each Friday to see what we have dug up for you. From this week’s cache:

1. The Gospel and Mental IllnessBy Pat Quinn – Quinn notes: “I believe a nuanced and robust biblical counseling model and methodology best allow Jesus to bring comprehensive hope and healing to all the brokenness of sin and suffering.”

2. What is a Religious Belief?By Joe Carter – Carter notes: “What is true of trees will be equally so for religious beliefs. After we cut away the foliage and underbrush that are features of specific religious beliefs we are likely to be unimpressed by the bare, slender reed that remains.”

3. Do Your DutyBy Gene Edward Veith – Veith says: “A duty is an obligation related to a position, office, or station. In Christian terms, duties are the responsibilities that come from a person’s vocations.”

4. Embracing Religious Contradictions to Proclaim Christ Crucified: Tolerance and CoexistenceBy Andy Wrasman – Wrasman points out that: “The gospel rings of truth, simply through presenting the message of Christ side by side with the doctrines of other religions. Today’s pluralistic setting is no different from what the early church faced in the Roman Empire.”

5. Let’s Mass Produce DiscipleshipBy Logan Gentry – Gentry notes: “We mass produce discipleship by discipling a few who then disciple more and it multiplies. If we try another way, we’re just gathering crowds and assuming that our different variations of sermons will do the trick–that hasn’t worked for decades.”

Matt Manry is the Director of Discipleship at Life Bible Church in Canton, Georgia. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary and a Masters of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies from Knox Theological Seminary. He blogs regularly at

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