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Credo’s Cache

Each week we will be highlighting important resources. Check back each Friday to see what we have dug up for you. From this week’s cache:

1. Gnostic SexBy Mike Wittmer– Wittmer says: “A consistent defense of heterosexual marriage must resist the heavenly preoccupation of Gnosticism. You can be so heavenly minded you’re of no earthly good. Worse, you can be so heavenly minded you do earthly bad.”

2. Why God’s Will Isn’t Always ClearBy Jon Bloom – Bloom notes: “The wonderful thing to remember in all of our decisions is that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He laid down his life for us so that all of our sins are covered — including every sinful or defective decision. He will never leave us or forsake us. He has a staff long enough to pull us out of every hole and a rod to guide us back when we stray.”

3. God Owes Me NothingBy Darryl Dash – Dash says: “Here’s what I often forget: God owes me nothing. I could be the best disciple or pastor, and God still owes me nothing. In fact, the opposite is true: I owe God everything. It’s a privilege just to serve him.”

4. Leaders StoopBy Joey Cochran – Cochran says: “This rebuilt city and second temple were merely a foretaste of the New Jerusalem, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Enthroned in heaven is this King, a stooping leader, who will not be forgotten, and who we anticipate will visit us again, completing his rule on earth as it is in heaven. So, leaders, stoop like him, be forgotten for him, and help people remember him, anticipate him, and prepare for his coming.”

5. The dying thief: What was so great about his faith?By Mark Jones – Jones says: “There are many acts of extraordinary faith in the Bible. The one that has impressed me the most concerns the dying thief on the cross. We could take the approach that he had nothing to lose, so he decided to cast his lot with Jesus. But this makes absolutely no sense of the text and the context.”

Matt Manry is the Assistant Pastor at Life Bible Church in Canton, Georgia. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary and a Masters of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies from Knox Theological Seminary.

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