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Credo’s Cache

Each week we will be highlighting important resources. Check back each Friday to see what we have dug up for you. From this week’s cache:

1. 4 Simple Ways Fred Elliot Discipled His Children: Sean Nolan – Nolan says, “We do well to follow Fred’s lead. Rather than put a spotlight on all the things that are lesser than Christ and discuss their inferiority, we simply exalt him and give him his due praise and our children will hopefully decide on their own that nothing else on this earth is worth their time.”

2.  Should We Watch Murders on Social Media?: Russell Moore – Moore notes, “This killer’s video isn’t exposing darkness. It is celebrating darkness. He put forward a kind of pornography of violence, and from that we must turn away.”

3. Fasting For Beginners: David Mathis – Mathis says, “Christian fasting turns its attention to Jesus or some great cause of his in the world. Christian fasting seeks to take the pains of hunger and transpose them into the key of some eternal anthem, whether it’s fighting against some sin, or pleading for someone’s salvation, or for the cause of the unborn, or longing for a greater taste of Jesus.”

4. Invent A Ministry: Donald Whitney – Whitney notes, “While most churches need workers in the existing ministries, the inability to fit well in one of them may be God’s prompting to start a new one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a formally recognized ministry. It could be as simple as providing transportation for someone who’s blind, feeble, or without a car. Or it might be showing up extra early just to be available where needed.”

5. Should Women Wear Head Coverings?: Benjamin Merkle – Merkle says, “Paul’s prohibition cannot be culturally limited, they argue, since the apostle doesn’t argue from culture but from creation. He argues from the order of creation (‘For Adam was formed first, then Eve’) and from the order of accountability in creation (‘Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived’). Based on Paul’s inspired reasoning, then, complementarians conclude women may not ‘teach or have authority over men’ (v. 12) in the context of the local church.”

Matt Manry is the Assistant Pastor at Life Bible Church in Canton, Georgia. He writes at

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