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Reformation Day: 2015 Southern Seminary Theology Conference Audios

20150924_9429-lowerThomas R. Schreiner, Carl Trueman, Matthew Barrett, Stephen Wellum, and David VanDrunen all came together this past September to deliver messages and discuss the five solas of the Reformation at Southern Seminary’s Theology Conference, sponsored by Zondervan. The video for this conference will be made available sometime next week. In the meantime, here are the audios of each message, along with the audio for the panel discussion led by Bruce Ware:

The Five Solas – Sola Fide, Thomas Schreiner

The Five Solas – Sola Gratia, Carl Trueman

The Five Solas – Sola Scriptura, Matthew Barrett

The Five Solas – Solus Christus, Stephen Wellum

The Five Solas – Soli Deo Gloria, David VanDrunen

The Five Solas – Panel Discussion

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