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Credo contributors at ETS

The annual conference for the Evangelical Theological Society is this week and there will be many papers given, including some by Credo Magazine contributors. You can download the entire program here. And stop by some of these fascinating papers by Credo contributors:

Michael A.G. Haykin

2:00 PM-5:10 PM; Room – 206
Baptist Studies
Andrew Fuller’s Work, The Gospel
Worth of All Acceptation

3:00 PM-6:10 PM; Crystal Ballroom B
The Didache: A Study of
Nascent Christianity

Ardel Caneday

Room – 401; 8:30 AM—9:10 AM
A Misguided Debate: Interpretation Is
Neither Literal Nor Figurative

9:20 AM—10:00 AM; Room 408
The Word Made Flesh as Mystery
Incarnate: Revealing and Concealing
Dramatized by Jesus

Luke Stamps

9:20 AM—10:00 AM; Room 403

The Christic Meaning of Marriage and
the Order of God’s Decrees

Thomas Schreiner

9:50 AM—10:20 AM; Grand Salon B

New Trajectories and Old Patterns:
Hermeneutics and Same Sex Advocacy

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