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Credo’s Cache

Each week we will be highlighting important resources. Check back each Friday to see what we have dug up for you. From this week’s cache:

1. God Knows: Jon Bloom – Boom says, “Your affliction has a purpose. You likely don’t know what it is yet, but someday you will. And your affliction has a timeline. You likely don’t know what it is yet, and likely it already seems too long. But someday you will understand.”

2. No Big Men in Christ-Centered Leadership: Bob Osborne – Osborne says, “One of our greatest desires is to be truly known and truly loved, but it’s so often an elusive dream. What do you think happens when you inquire about how someone is doing? It gives them a chance to tell you a little about themselves, and it gives you an opportunity to validate, honor, and bless someone for being spiritually curious.”

3. Reading Scripture for Rest: Chelsea Vaughn – Vaughn says, “Abide in Christ—because his shadow is where you want to be found. It’s the place of refuge, of rest, and of intimate dependence. He will sustain your ministry, because his glory goes beyond your invested work. Don’t resent ministry but courageously declare your dependence on God. He is faithful to fulfill his call on your life.”

4. Lies That Pastors Believe: Dayton Hartman – Hartman says, “I’ve found that one of the best defenses against believing falsehoods about myself is knowing the lies that tempt me and watching for them before I believe them. Here are some of the lies I’ve learned to call false before I believe them (again).”

5. Are Resumes a Waste of Time?: Mark Dance – Dance says, “Are resumes a waste of time? No, they still have a limited place in the process of calling a ministry staff member. I would suggest that you have your resume vetted by people who will make sure it is an accurate reflection of who you are as well as what you have done.”

Matt Manry is the Assistant Pastor at Life Bible Church in Canton, Georgia. He writes at

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