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Blast from the past: The Trinity and the Christian Life

Today we feature a “Blast from the past,” one of the past issues of Credo Magazine. 

One of the dangers every church faces is slipping, slowly and quietly and perhaps unknowingly, into a routine where sermons are preached, songs are sung, and the Lord’s Supper is consumed, but all is done without a deep sense and awareness of the Trinity. In other words, if we are not careful our churches, in practice, can look remarkably Unitarian. And such a danger is not limited to the pews of the church. As we leave on Sunday morning and go back into the world, does the gospel we share with our coworker look decisively and explicitly Trinitarian in nature? Or when we pray in the privacy of our own home, do the three persons of the Trinity make any difference in how we petition God?

In this issue of Credo Magazine, “The Trinity and the Christian Life: Why a Triune God Makes All the Difference.” we have brought together some of the sharpest thinkers in order to bring our minds back to the beauty, glory, and majesty of our triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But we do not merely want to see him as triune, but recognize why and how the Trinity makes all the difference in the Christian life. Therefore, in this issue Fred Sanders, Robert Letham, Michael Reeves, Scott Swain, Stephen Holmes, and many others come together in order to help us think deeper thoughts about how God is one essence and three persons, and what impact the Trinity has on who we are and what we do as believers. Also, do not miss other interviews and columns with Tim Challies, Joey Allen, Luke Stamps, and Matthew Barrett.

Here are the feature articles in this new issue:

The Trinity: The God Behind the Gospel, by Fred Sanders

The Mystery of the Trinity, by Scott R. Swain

Why a Triune God is Better Than Any Other, by Michael Reeves

How the Triune God Transforms Worship, by Robert Letham

To view the Magazine as a PDF {Click Here}

Here is the Cover and Table of Contents to get you started:


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