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Eternal generation, the economic Trinity, Warfield, Calvin, and much, much more – Lecture by Scott R. Swain

Recently Scott Swain gave a lecture on the doctrine of the Trinity, providing a critique of B. B. Warfield, specifically Warfield’s hesitation with eternal generation. Swain helpfully demonstrates the significance of eternal generation and simultaneously explores the relationship between the immanent Trinity and the mission of the Son in the economy of salvation. Swain also explores John Calvin’s own view of the Trinity and his modification of the received tradition.

Here is a description of the lecture titled “B. B. Warfield and the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity” –

B. B. Warfield’s entry on the Trinity in The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, published in 1915, has exercised considerable influence on later Reformed and evangelical Trinitarian theology. The lecture examines the revisionist nature of Warfield’s teaching on the triune God, noting historical precedents within the Reformed tradition for his views, and discusses patterns of biblical and theological reasoning that weigh against Warfield’s proposal.

Scott Swain is  Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando.

Inaugural Lecture – “B. B. Warfield and the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity” with Scott R. Swain from RTS Orlando on Vimeo.

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