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A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine

The new issue of Credo Magazine has arrived: HolinessOne of the greatest challenges of the Christian life is the pursuit of holiness. Christians tend to compartmentalize life, separating their devotion to God on a Sunday morning from every other facet of their lives.

Jesus, however, calls the believer to an obedience that is radical, one that extends to every aspect of life. But what, exactly, does it mean to be holy? How is the Spirit at work within us to conform us to the image of Christ? What does it look like to be set apart, consecrated to God in a way that draws others to the holy God we worship? In this issue, pastors and theologians alike explore the diverse ways scripture describes holiness and the opposition every believer faces to the pursuit of a sanctified life.

Here’s a look inside the contents of the new issue.

Featured Articles

Be Holy, for I am Holy: Why Peter Grounds our Holiness in the Holiness of God by Daniel R. Hyde

Temples of the Holy Spirit: Paul’s Call to Holiness by Andrew Malone

Holy Church: The Purpose and Purchase of Christ’s Death by Patrick Schreiner

Living Sacrifice: The Christian Life as Death and Resurrection by William Barcley

Getting All the Good Things In: The Puritans on the Source, Effects, and Benefits of Holiness by Jenny-Lyn de Klerk


Returning to the Lord: An Interview with Mark Boda on Repentance

10 Questions with Tom Ascol: Pastoral Insights on Reformed Theology, Regenerate Church Membership, and Confessionalism


Watch Your Life and Doctrine: Pastoral Reflections on 1 Timothy 4:16 by Timothy Raymond

Hypocrisy: Its Definition, Deceit, and Defeat by Kyle Borg

Book Reviews

Understanding the Text in Context: A Review of the ESV Archaeology Study Bible by Kirkland Storseth

A Theocentric Vision of Aesthetics: Jonathan King’s Interdisciplinary Study of God’s Beauty by Samuel G. Parkison

Should All Preachers be Going Deeper with New Testament Greek? A Book Review of  Köstenberger, Merkle, and Plummer’s Intermediate Greek Grammar by Tyler Sykora

Read the new issue today!

Credo Staff

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