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Why has there been a reformed resurgence among evangelicals and how have Baptists, in particular, recovered their theological heritage on the doctrine of Scripture and the doctrines of grace? Which Baptist figures does Tom Nettles return to regularly in light of the theological needs of the church today? What is doctrinal preaching, and how is it distinct from exegetical and expository preaching?

In this episode of the Credo podcast, Matthew Barrett is joined by Tom Nettles to discuss Baptist history and theology, the current reformed resurgence, and the necessity of doctrinal preaching.

Tom Nettles has most recently served as Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Nettles is the author of By His Grace and For His Glory, Living by Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Baptists and the Bible (co-authored with L. Rush Bush), The Baptists: Key People in Forming a Baptist Identity (3 volumes), James Petigru Boyce: A Southern Baptist Statesman, and The Privilege, Promise, Power & Peril of Doctrinal Preaching.

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