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The New Issue of Credo Magazine Is Here: The Aseity of God

The new issue of June CoverCredo Magazine is now here: The Aseity of God.

Does God depend on you? Is he a needy God, one that relies on his creation not only for his existence but for his happiness and fulfillment? The instinct of many Christians is to answer yes to questions like these. In an effort to make God more relational, the Creator is turned into the creature. God becomes just as dependent on us as we are on him. But the scriptures paint a different picture of God. Self-existence and self-sufficient, he is a God of aseity. He looks to no one for life, for he is life in and of himself. As it turns out, God does not depend on us, but we depend on him, from the air we breathe to the everlasting life we need. In this issue, we will discover why God’s aseity is good news, and why we have no gospel without it.

Included in this issue are contributions from Liam Goligher, Ron Gleason, Glen Butner, Jr., Steve Duby, Thorvald Madsen, Russ Meek, Jonathan Leeman, Jason Duesing, Jared Wilson, Matthew Barrett, and others.

Read the new issue today: The Aseity of God.

Joseph Lanier

Joseph Lanier is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastoral resident associate at Emmaus Church in Kansas City. He is joyfully married to Kristen.

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