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Does God’s immutability need to change? What problems follow if we try to modify God’s unchanging nature? Why do some pit God as a living being and God as an immutable being against one another? Can God be immutable in his essence but mutable in his relationships? How does divine simplicity buttress our doctrine of divine immutability? How does divine immutability affect doxology?

In this Credo Podcast, Dr. Matthew Barrett talks with Paul Smalley about divine immutability, and its relation to doxology and other divine attributes.

Mr. Paul M. Smalley (ThM, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) is faculty teaching assistant to Joel Beeke at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He previously served for twelve years as a pastor in the Baptist General Conference in the midwestern United States. Mr. Smalley is the co-author of John Bunyan and the Grace of Fearing God, Prepared by Grace, for Grace: The Puritans on God’s Ordinary Way of Leading Sinners to Christ, and Reformed Systematic Theology, Volume 1: Revelation and God.


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