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The New Issue of Credo Magazine: Dort at 400

The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here: Dort at 400.

Is the sinner saved by grace alone? Just how sovereign is God’s grace? Few questions have generated fierce debate in the history of Christianity like this one. Four hundred years ago, a group of Arminians remonstrated against the Reformed understanding of God’s grace. In response, Reformed theologians and pastors all over the world met at the Synod of Dort to defend what we now call the Five Points of Calvinism or the Doctrine of Grace. But how many evangelicals today—even Reformed evangelicals—have ever read the Canons of Dort? In this issue of Credo Magazine, not only are these canons celebrated but the contributors demonstrate just how indispensable these canons are for the church today.

Included in this issue are contributions from Joel Beeke, Cornelis Venema, Shawn Wright, Tom Nettles, Jim Orrick, Gary Steward, Daniel Hyde, J. A. Medders, Dolf te Velde, David Schrock, William Boekestein, Douglas Van Dorn, and Scott Christensen.

Read the new issue today: Dort at 400.

Joseph Lanier

Joseph Lanier is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastoral resident associate at Emmaus Church in Kansas City. He is joyfully married to Kristen.

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