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New Credo Podcast: Is the Son Eternally Subordinate to the Father? Simply Trinity (Parts 3 & 4)

In part 1 of this two part episode of the Credo Podcast, Matthew Barrett fields questions from Ronni Kurtz and Samuel Parkison about his new book, Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son and Spirit (Baker). They tackle the question: “Is the Son eternally subordinate to the Father?” Many of our listeners will be familiar with the debate over the novel theological position known as Eternal Functional Subordinationism (EFS). In the first conversation, Matthew, Ronni and Sam evaluate this position, and Matthew places it within its recent, historical context, revealing that EFS’s redefinition of the Trinity is inconsistent with biblical, Nicene orthodoxy. They also discuss how EFS is incommensurate with orthodox doctrines such as divine simplicity and eternal generation, and throws into question the total equality of the Son.

In the second conversation, they continue their discussion of the novel position known as Eternal Functional Subordinationism (EFS), this time evaluating its narrow biblicist method. They also warn against EFS and its tendency to project that which occurs in the economy of salvation back into the immanent life of the Trinity. Matthew also takes a deep dive into Scripture, showing how EFS is not only theologically erroneous, but biblically misguided in its neglect of key hermeneutical principles.

Matthew Barrett

Matthew Barrett is the editor-in-chief of Credo Magazine, director of the Center for Classical Theology, and host of the Credo podcast. He is professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the author of several books, including Simply Trinity, which won the Christianity Today Book of the Year Award in Theology/Ethics. His new book is called The Reformation as Renewal: Retrieving the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. He is currently writing a Systematic Theology with Baker Academic.

Ronni Kurtz

Ronni Kurtz is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Cedarville University. Before moving to Ohio, Ronni was a pastor in Kansas City, Missouri for seven years where he also taught theology at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College. He is the author of Fruitful Theology: How the Life of the Mind Leads to the Life of the Soul and No Shadow of Turning: Divine Immutability and the Economy of Redemption. You can follow him on Twitter at @RonniKurtz.

Samuel G. Parkison

Samuel G. Parkison (PhD, Midwestern Seminary) is Associate Professor of Theological Studies and Director of the Abu Dhabi Extension Site at Gulf Theological Seminary in the United Arab Emirates. Before coming to GTS, Samuel was assistant professor of Christian studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and pastor of teaching and liturgy at Emmaus Church in Kansas City. He is the author of Revelation and Response: The Why and How of Leading Corporate Worship Through Song (Rainer, 2019), Thinking Christianly: Bringing Sundry Thoughts Captive to Christ (H&E, 2022), and Irresistible Beauty: Beholding Triune Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ (Christian Focus, 2022).

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