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Why Protestants should read Thomas Aquinas

Why should Protestants read the writings of Thomas Aquinas? In his book Grace Alonewhich is part of the 5 Solas series edited by Matthew Barrett, historian and theologian Carl R. Trueman dedicates an entire chapter to Thomas Aquinas and predestination. In this video from Zondervan Trueman gives several reasons Protestants should read Thomas Aquinas today.

According to Carl Trueman, if we love the Reformers and love Augustine, we ought to look for faithful voices of Augustine’s theology in the Middle Ages. One of those voices is Aquinas. Protestants are often suspicious of the Middle Ages because the Reformation is a reaction to the worst tendencies of the church from that era. Thomas Aquinas, as a 13th-century figure, is located in the middle. Aquinas is also influential in modern Roman Catholic theology, which Protestants define themselves against. For these reasons, Protestants tend not to read and study Aquinas. Here’s why they should:

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