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Author’s Corner

Each week on Credo we welcome you to join us in the Author’s Corner where we will meet a set of authors whose recent books deserve your attention and might even help you grow in your knowledge of theology, history, philosophy, and the scriptures. We hope the Author’s Corner can keep you up-to-date on the most important books published today and where you can find them.

On today’s Author’s Corner we present you with a selection of recent works from Cascade, Lexham, and Eerdmans.

The Divine Missions: An Introduction (Cascade, 2021) by Adonis Vidu

Christian theology affirms that the persons of the Son and the Holy Spirit are sent into the world to gather a scattered and rebellious humanity back to God. But how are we to understand these divine missions, given that the Son and the Spirit have already been present in the world from its foundation? Moreover, in what sense are they on a mission if they never leave the unity of the Trinity? In this volume, Vidu introduces us to the profound riches of this ancient and foundational doctrine. With ample illustration, he explains the technical concepts, the operative principles, and he clarifies the historical and contemporary debates. In the process, a constructive theology emerges where the category of divine missions frames topics such as the incarnation and life of Christ, his atoning death and ascension, the Pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit, the invisible indwelling of the Spirit, and finally the eschatological beatific vision.

Amidst Us Our Belovèd Stands: Recovering Sacrament in the Baptist Tradition (Lexham, 2022) by Michael A. G. Haykin

When it comes to baptism and the Lord’s Supper, many Baptists reject the language of sacrament. As a people of the book, the logic goes, Baptists must not let tradition supersede the Bible. So Baptists tend to view baptism and Communion as ordinances and symbols, not sacraments.
But the history of Baptists and the sacraments is complicated. In Amidst Us Our Belovèd Stands, Michael A. G. Haykin argues that earlier Baptists, such as Charles Spurgeon, stood closer to Reformed sacramental thought than most Baptists today do. More than mere memorials, baptism and Communion have spiritual implications that were celebrated by Baptists of the past. Haykin calls for a renewal of sacramental life in churches today—Baptists can and should be sacramental.

The Bible in the Early Church (Eerdmans, 2022) by Justo L. González

A concise history of the Bible: its creation, use, and interpretation.
What is the Bible? To answer this question we must understand the Bible’s origins in the early church. In this book, celebrated church historian Justo González introduces the reader to some important features of the earliest Bibles—for instance, the Bible’s original languages, its division into chapters and verses, and even its physical appearance in its first forms. González also explores the use of the Bible in the early church (such as in worship or in private reading) and the interpretation of the Bible throughout the ensuing centuries, giving readers a holistic sense of the Bible’s emergence as the keystone of Christian life, from its beginnings to present times.

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