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Embodying the Spirit of Credo: Adonis Vidu

A team effort is required if the church and academy alike are to remain faithful to the orthodox Christian faith, a team that spans denominations and brings together some of today’s most outstanding theologians, pastors, and writers. To pursue this end, each Credo Fellow embodies the spirit of Credo in their own teaching and writing ministries.

Adonis Vidu is one such fellow who seeks to retrieve historic Christian doctrine for the sake of Christian fidelity today. Below you will find Dr. Vidu’s excellent contributions to Credo Magazine.

Why is Inseparable Operations Such a Hard Sell?

Inseparable Operations: Good News for Salvation? Matthew Barrett and Adonis Vidu

10 Questions with Adonis Vidu: An interview about our Triune God, Teaching Theology, and the Local Church

God and the Sea

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