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Show Notes

Why is Classical theology so important for the life and soul of the local church? This special episode of the Credo Podcast is from the 2023 Center for Classical Theology Panel Discussion moderated by Timothy Gatewood and featuring Carl Trueman, Kevin DeYoung, James Dolezal, and Matthew Barrett. The conversation revolves around the future of classical theology. Rather than limiting classical theology to the doctrine of God, these theologians demonstrate that classical theology is posture towards God (contemplation) that affects every doctrine of the Christian faith. The panelists also discuss the role of pastors and ministers in translating classical theology for congregants, noting modern societal shifts that may draw the church away from its classical Christian heritage. They model how to engage with modern thought, emphasizing the need for philosophical engagement alongside theological discourse. The conversation also touches on the challenges and strategies for teaching classical theology effectively, highlighting the importance of contextualization in a secular age and utilizing existing church practices like liturgy to introduce theological concepts to congregants. Overall, the panelists stress the relevance and impact of classical theology on people’s lives, with an emphasis on retrieving classical theology in the local church.


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