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How do you explain the Bible to your children? The task is sweet, but sometimes, it is daunting. God has revealed himself through Scripture in clear and discernable terms, but the redemption story is long and complex. Thankfully, many authors have paved the way with helpful resources for moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas to use as they disciple and teach their children. This podcast often deals with scholarly work, but today Dr. Bierig wants to declare that Biblical Theology is for kids too!

In this episode of Credo’s The Biblical Theology Podcast, Jared Bumpers, Taylor DiRoberto, and Sam Bierig discuss the devotional, Biblical Theology resources they use to shepherd their children.

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Jared Bumpers is the Assistant Professor of Preaching & Evangelism and FTC Cohorts Faculty Coordinator at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to joining the team at Midwestern, Jared served for over a decade as a student pastor, then as an associate pastor of preaching, at a church in southwest Missouri.

Taylor DiRoberto serves as Assistant Dean of Spurgeon College, oversees Spurgeon & Midwestern’s 5-year dual degree programs, and is the Assistant Professor of Christian Studies. He currently serves as one of the elders at Northside Fellowship in Kansas City, MO.

Sam Bierig serves as Vice President of Undergraduate Studies, Dean of Spurgeon College, and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon College. Sam completed his Ph.D. in Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he wrote his dissertation on hermeneutics and the interpretation of the book of Proverbs. He has written a devotional on Jonah, a book for pastors titled No Neutral Words, and a book for student pastors titled Fulfill Your Student Ministry.


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