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Christmas Theology Book Sale: One Week Only

Westminster Bookstore is having a Christmas sale on its theology books for one week only. If you are looking for a good Christmas book to give to a friend or family member, or perhaps your pastor, now is your chance. Here are some of the books and sets you will want to know about:

The 5 Solas Series, edited by Matthew Barrett

What better time for the church to reaffirm her commitment to biblical doctrine than an anniversary? Learned and legible, the volumes in this series deliver expert historical context and precise biblical exposition on the spine of Reformation theology – the five solas. Assembled to mark 500 years of Reformation, these are an asset to anyone learning or rediscovering what it is to be Protestant.


In partnership with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, Baker Academic is proud to offer in English for the very first time all four volumes of Herman Bavinck’s complete Reformed Dogmatics. This masterwork will appeal not only to scholars, students, pastors, and laity interested in Reformed theology but also to research and theological libraries.Includes:
Volume 1: Prolegomena
Volume 2: God and Creation
Volume 3: Sin and Salvation in Christ
Volume 4: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation


Informative, engaging, crystal clear, and even humorous – church history isn’t just for brains on sticks anymore.Follow along with the unfolding of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, from the early church fathers to the age of the enlightenment. Highly accessible, this is university-level church history written for “ordinary Christians,” i.e., anyone with a hunger for a deeper knowledge of our faith.


A systematic theology with a pastor’s heart. Highly regarded and deeply influential, this true classic of Christ-honoring Reformation theology is brought into English for the first time. À Brakel dispenses reliable, penetrating insight into God’s Revelation, and encourages patient reflection and application. A perspective shaping and fruitful addition to every pastor and scholar’s library.


Calvin for everyone. A fresh translation of Calvin’s own ‘essentials version,’ focusing on the most necessary material. Made eminently more readable and accessible to a broader audience, this highly anticipated special republication of the 1541 Edition is handsomely bound and newly typeset. Reads smoothly and clearly in modern English.