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The New Issue of Credo Magazine Has Arrived: The Immutability of God

The new issue of Credo Magazine is now here: The Immutability of God.

Does God change? Everything hinges on the answer to that question. If he does change, he is not the eternal, self-sufficient, simple, and infinite Lord scripture says he is time and time again. If he is not immutable, then our salvation is uncertain as well, for only one who does not change can ensure that his promises to redeem us will not change. In this issue of Credo Magazine, we see that immutability is not some abstract, irrelevant attribute of God but one that is essential to who God is and what he has promised to accomplish for a fallen world in flux.

Included in this issue are contributions from Josh Malone, Peter Sanlon, Richard Barcellos, Samuel Renihan, Steven Duby, Jason Duesing, Paul Smalley, and others.

Read the new issue today: The Immutability of God.

Credo Staff

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