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Credo Resources during COVID-19

To be sure, these are unprecedented times. Jobs are in jeopardy, education is forced to shift models, and families are together more than ever. The effects of this virus are numerous: negative and positive. Yet, these times give us ample opportunity to reset, reflect, and slow down in the midst of an ever-fast-paced society. And in the midst of slowing down, we clearly have more time on our hands; time that we as Christians are compelled to steward to the glory of God in Christ by the Spirit.

There have been countless tweets, articles, and podcasts within the recent days of how Christians can steward this unique season. Why not one more take? Over the past nine years here at Credo, much content has been delivered. As such, we would like to make note of a few that speak to these unique times. Prayerfully, these serve as an encouragement to your soul.


Paul Tautges on Knowing God’s Peace
Fred Zaspel on God as Father
Clara Costello on Remembering
Megan Hill on Christian Contentment


Matthew Barrett on Assurance of Salvation


Paul Smalley on Divine Immutability
Michael Horton on Union with Christ


Don Whitney, Gerald Bray, Tim Keller, and others on Prayer

Joseph Lanier

Joseph Lanier is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastoral resident associate at Emmaus Church in Kansas City. He is joyfully married to Kristen.

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