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In the 21st century Christians have proved one thing with their fiery rhetoric: we fear man instead of God. That misplaced fear has created extreme hostility towards others in society. That misplaced fear has been exposed lately when Christians engage controversial topics such as Christian America, cancel culture, martyr complex, LGBTQ+, racism, and more. Yet our misplaced fear often reveals more about us than our opponents. For example, our raging hostility towards our neighbor reveals a troubling mindset: we see them as our enemy rather than the mission field God has entrusted to us. As a result, we no longer tolerate Jesus’ command to love our enemies.

In this episode, Michael Horton joins Matthew Barrett and delivers a bold and sobering admonition, reminding Christians today that Jesus had strong words for his disciples when they displayed a fear of man instead of a fear of God. Horton calls on Christians everywhere to model the compassion of Jesus not only in the church but in society as well. And Horton gives us a constructive remedy when he revisits our approach to culture and asks us to reconsider whether we’ve properly understood God’s two kingdoms.

Michael S. Horton is the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California. He is the author of many books, recently including Recovering our Sanity: How the Fear of God Conquers the Fears that Divide Us and Justification: Volume 1 & 2. Dr. Horton is the founder and editor-in-chief of Sola Media and serves as an ordained minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America.

Matthew Barrett is the author of Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Baker). He is the founder and executive editor of Credo Magazine and host of the Credo podcast. He is associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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