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The Center for Classical Theology: The Scholastic Award

Credo is thrilled to announce the launch of the Center for Classical Theology! What is CCT? The Center for Classical Theology exists to contemplate God and all things in relation to God by listening with humility to his word with the wisdom of the Great Tradition. The purpose of CCT is to create a renewed vision for systematic theology today in the spirit of faith seeking understanding. In partnership with Crossway, CCT will bestow an annual award that seeks to encourage participants to contemplate the deep things of God.

The Scholastic Award

Each year CCT will announce the winner of the Scholastic Award. In the spirit of Protestant Scholastics such as Francis Turretin, Peter van Mastricht, and John Owen, candidates for the Scholastic Award will follow the format of the Summa Theologiae by Thomas Aquinas and submit a disputed theological question. That question is followed by a reply designed “to lead listeners into the truth they strive to understand.” An excellent reply will exhibit precision to advance theological clarity, fidelity, and beauty. The winner will be announced to the public at the Annual Lecture in November and the winner’s submission will be available for attendees. The winner will also be supported in publication with an academic journal. Additionally, Crossway will award the winner with The Works of John Owen to date, as well as Stephen Charnock.

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