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A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine: We Believe

The new issue of Credo Magazine is here!

We Believe: Confessions Every Christian Should Read

If holy scripture is sufficient and authoritative, why do we need confessions? Retrieving the time-tested wisdom of the church’s confessions does not contradict but complements a high view of scripture. Confessions, at their best, serve to keep the church faithful, holding both the layman and pastor alike accountable to scriptural truth. In our biblically illiterate society, the historic confessions can help us regain and retain biblical orthodoxy, the faith once for all delivered to the saints. It is to our peril if we ignore the witness of the past, inviting the heresies of yesterday into the church of today. But when we declare these confessions together, we identify ourselves with our family history, a faithful lineage of believers who have fought hard to offer a mature articulation of the faith. In this issue of Credo Magazine, readers are introduced to some of the most important Protestant confessions and summoned to listen with humility for the sake of our present and future fidelity.

Featured Articles:

On Catholic Baptists: The London Baptist Confession of Faith by Geoff Chang

A Catechism that Makes Disciples: The Genevan Catechism by Jean Francesco A. L. Gomes

Our Only Comfort in Life and Death: An Invitation to the Heidelberg Catechism by Daniel R. Hyde

Reformation Fire in England: The Thirty-Nine Articles by Gerald Bray

The Best Symbolical Statement of the Calvinistic System of Doctrine: The Belgic Confession by Cornelis P. Venema

The Metaphysics Behind the Reformed Confessions: Philosophy for Understanding Theology by Craig A. Carter


First Principles by Matthew Barrett

A Glorious Doctrine with a Silly Name: The Extra Calvinisticum and the Gospel by Samuel G. Parkison


10 Questions with Adonis Vidu

The Need for Creeds Today with J. V. Fesko

Book Reviews:

Sustaining and Nurturing Every Generation of the Faithful—from the Apostles to Today by Credo Editors

Covenantal Catholicity: A Biblical, Creedal, and Confessional Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed by R. Scott Clark

God Works in Us What He Is by Joseph Lanier

Read the New Issue Today:

We Believe: Confessions Every Christian Should Read

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