Reformed and Scholastic

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2023

Perkins. Turretin. Owen. Charnock. Mastricht. Zanchi. Junius. These theologians and many others were the heirs of the Reformation, responsible for codifying Reformation theology. Through confessions, catechisms, and whole treatments of theology, they taught doctrines that were both biblical and reformed. And they did so in a day with new challenges, challenges that threatened not only soteriology and ecclesiology but the scope of the reformed faith, from the Doctrine of God to Christology. However, it may surprise modern readers that our Reformed forefathers taught such clear, biblical doctrines precisely because they retrieved a method that long preceded them, scholasticism. Popular misconceptions tell us that we must choose – will we be Reformed or Scholastic? But our Reformed forefathers made such timeless theological contributions because they did not recognize such a false dichotomy. Biblical as they were confessional, they were Reformed and Scholastic. To renew Reformed theology today, this issue of Credo Magazine shows readers that Reformed Scholasticism is our origin, our history, and our identity.

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