Undivided Trinity

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021

Every generation is tempted to forfeit an essential component of orthodox trinitarianism. Our generation is no exception. Not only modern theology but evangelical theology has grown suspicious towards the simplicity of God. Naturally, without simplicity evangelical theology risks segregating Father, Son, and Spirit. Taking its cue from social redefinitions of the Trinity, evangelicals have redefined the Trinity as a society, one in which each person has his own center of consciousness and will. As a result, a core doctrine like inseparable operations is foreign to many and sometimes held in disregard. This issue of Credo Magazine tries to remedy this problem not only by reaffirming divine simplicity but confessing with the church that ancient and scriptural mantra: the external works of the Trinity are undivided. Such indivisibility, however, is no mere cooperation or division of labor. The persons are inseparable in their works because they are indivisible in essence and singular in will. Without this basic commitment the church will not remain faithful to Christian orthodoxy.

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